Monday, October 6, 2008

Contest Rules

This is a BEARD contest. All contestants must be clean shaven on Monday October 13, 2008. All facial hair must be removed (this includes, but is not limited to mustaches, beards, goatees, muttonchops, chinstraps, neck mullets, John Waters pencil thins, soul patches, sideburns that extend below the earlobe, and Van Dykes).

For the duration of nine weeks the burly beards will be grown for the world to cower in trepidation. There will be weekly Beard Checkpoint Days with progress photos taken. Points will be awarded for each weekly Checkpoint so don’t miss out!

Beards are defined as facial hair grown from ear to ear. We understand some of you may have patches of reclusive follicles. For you we recommend a regimen of manly activities such as chopping wood, stalking and killing small animals, leaving the toilet seat up, and wearing more flannel. Be a man, grow your Beard and be proud!

The use of performance enhancing hormones or coloring agents is forbidden.

Winners will be announced sometime between 12/15/08 and 12/19/08.

Though the Beard Checkpoints are not mandatory (we believe in the honor system) they are a great opportunity to encourage your Bearded brethren during the growing season.

While we do not endorse trash-talking or making disparaging comments of any kind about another grower’s Beard, there are unsubstantiated medical theories that Beard Abuse stimulates follicle growth.

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